Solar Stirling Engine
Product Detail
A solar powered Stirling engine is a heat engine powered by a temperature gradient generated by the sun. It was patented by Roelf J. Meijer in 1987.[1] His invention relates a heat engine, such as a Stirling cycle engine, with a solar dish collector in order to produce electricity.[1] This apparatus consists of a large dish aimed at the sun to reflect the rays into the focus point, which is located at the center of the dish. Solar energy is then collected in the form of heat to fuel a Stirling cycle engine, [1] which operates by letting heat flow from a hot source to a cold sink in order to do work.[2] The work output of the Stirling cycle is then used to drive a generator and create electric power. Moreover, in Meijer?s solar-powered engine, it is important that the dish always be pointed directly at the sun so that no shadows would be present in the solar dish collector, hence optimizing heat collection. This is where he ran into some issues because, in order for the apparatus to have a complete range of motion, lubrication and rotational systems would be necessary and may compromise structural stability.
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