DSL (Shrouded Busbar) System
Material for the busbar is Electrolytic Copper in cold form OR G.I. These Conductor are complact insulated, Touch proof, do not expose live parts. Standard Busbar length 4.5 Mtr.
NBM Industries, Rajkot, India
Solar Cooker
A solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurise drink. Many solar cookers currently in use are relatively inexpensive, low-tech...
Power Control Center
Totally enclosed IP-55 free standing floor mounted indoor/outdoor Panels suitable for 415v ac, 3 phase 50c/s with short circuit rating upto 50ka system both in Nondrawout...
Sun-Tech Engineers, Vadodara, India
Solar Pond or solar evaporation process
A solar pond is simply a pool of saltwater which collects and stores solar thermal energy. The saltwater naturally forms a vertical salinity gradient also known as a "halocline",...
Solar inverter
A solar inverter, or converter or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current...
Solar water heater
Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations are available at varying cost...
House/Building Wire
Ultracab is a reputed name of wires and cables from years. With a vast experience of more than 13 years now we have also build a strong reputation and a reliable name in manufacturing,...
Digital Wifi Camera
We offer Digital Camera with great result, low power consumption and with WiFi & Ethernet connectivity
Aaliza Enterprise, Rajkot, India
Industrial Cables
Ultracab - A reliable, trustworthy and always a quality provider is what our clients think of when they need wires and cables. We have vast experience of more than 13 years...
We are engaged in offering house wires that come with ISI guarantee. Our goal is to be the best performing company in India. We aim is to help out our clients in finding best...
Torque Motor
Atlas torque motors are offered for various applications where the rpm of motor is required to be changed with constant torque Torque motor used in textile industries,...
Amit Electricals, Ahmedabad, India
Solar Traffic Light
Solar traffic lights are signalling devices powered by solar panels positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control the flows of traffic....
Solar Air Conditioner
Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power. This can be done through passive solar, solar thermal energy conversion and...
Motorised Valve Control Panel
Laminate Industries Panel, D.C.Motor Control Panel, Boiler Operating Unit, PCC Panel mfg
Techon Electro Controls , Ahmedabad, India
Mobile Phone
I sell mobile at 20% discount I sell mobile at 20% discount
Creative Incorporation, Rajkot, India
PLC Panel
Electronics Controls Panel, MCC Panel, Microcontrollers, PLC Panel mfg, Blow Film Extrusion Panel, Motor Control Center.
Techon Electro Controls , Ahmedabad, India
Jewelry 3d Printer
JewelKreator is comprehensive rapid prototyping & the manufacturing 3d printing solution for jewelry designing, small, powerful & simple to use desktop DLP UV LED 3d printer.
jewelkreator, Rajkot, India
Industrial Power Cables
Copper/Aluminium PVC/XLPE Insulation Un-armoured/ Armoured (Strip or Round wired) FRLS/ HR Type Capacity - Single Core up to 1000 sq. mm, Multi...
We are providing a exclusive range of unarmored 3 core and 4 core Double sheathed single solid aluminum cables which are generally conforming to IS:694:1990.these are Superior...
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